Imagination is key for Cubs who have high hopes of entertaining

44th Blackpool Cubs
44th Blackpool Cubs
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Watch out Broadway, there are some young entertainers about!

Over the next few weeks the 44th Blackpool Cubs will be performing in front of their friends to earn their Entertainers Badge.

The youngsters, aged between eight and 10 and a half, all work in what is commonly known in the Cub Scout section as Sixes.

They are set the task of putting on and creating small plays lasting no more than about five or 10 minutes.

The youngsters all work together to decide on the theme from crime to comedy and they make up the story.

One of their fellow Cubs becomes the narrator and they make all their props, costumes, characters from house hold and kitchen items,.

When the Cubs have all completed their show, they will all be presented with the Entertainers Badge.

The 44th Blackpool Cubs are based at St. John Vianney’s, Church Hall, Glasonbury Ave, Blackpool.

They meet on a Tuesday evening.