‘I won’t give up search for missing dog’

Buddy the dog
Buddy the dog
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A dog owner left devastated when her beloved greyhound ran away after being spooked by a firework a year ago has vowed to continue her search for her missing pooch.

Debbie Garner, from Roughlea Road in Cleveleys, says her five-year-old ex-racing hound Buddy leapt over a six foot fence in her garden after hearing a firework on November 15 last year.

Now Miss Garner, 49, says she will never give up the search for her dog.

She said: “Buddy was terrified of fireworks. He was always scared of any sort of loud bang, like if he heard a car moving.

“Before he went missing I took him to the vets to see if we could do anything about it, but they said there was nothing they could do. He had a special ‘thunder jacket’ to help calm him down – but because it was 10 days after Bonfire Night he wasn’t wearing it.”

Miss Garner said Buddy and her other greyhound, Dolly, were let into the garden for a last run-around before bed when the firework went off.

She said: “They couldn’t have been out there for more than a few minutes. But when I called them back, only Dolly came to the door.

“I knew straight away that Buddy had gone.

“I thought the garden would be safe with a six-foot fence around it - but Buddy was a very big dog. He was about a third bigger than a normal-sized greyhound.

“I was devastated. My dogs are like my children.”

Miss Garner launched an appeal on social media for the return of Buddy, who she describes as “a large black greyhound with a white chest and white tips of his paws and tail”.

She said: “The response I’ve had is just phenomenal. I’ve had people from North Yorkshire and even Sussex sending their support.

“I have never thought that I might not get him back. He was only five when he disappeared, so he could still be alive.

“He is a very friendly dog - he would go up to anyone.

“I like to think that someone has taken him in and is looking after him.

“I still follow up every lead I’m given. Unfortunately I haven’t had any positive results yet.

“I don’t think I will ever give up on looking for Buddy. I still put posters up around Cleveleys because if if I don’t people will forget or just assume he has been found.

“Even if someone told me he had died, at least it would be closure for me.”

Do you know where Buddy the greyhound is? Call 01253 852882.