I’m on the run!

Dr Susan Salt, medical director at Trinity Hospice, gearing up for the London Marathon next year
Dr Susan Salt, medical director at Trinity Hospice, gearing up for the London Marathon next year
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Dr Susan Salt is a big supporter of people ticking things off their “bucket list.”

As medical director at Bispham’s Trinity Hospice, it’s an issue close to her heart.

So when she got the chance to tick something off her own personal list – and help the good cause she works for at the same time – she jumped at the chance.

Dr Salt will be running the London Marathon in April, on behalf of the Bispham-based hospice, to help raise vital money to provide palliative care for people across the Fylde coast.

She is hoping local people will get behind her, as in her words, it will be “a real challenge.”

She said: “I’m not a runner, I’ve done the 10k before, two years ago for Trinity, but I’ve never been sporty.

“I watch the London Marathon every year on TV and always think I would like to do it. But I’ve never taken it any further.

“It’s something which is on my bucket list to do before I get too old to do it.

“Getting a place in the London Marathon is really difficult, so when Trinity managed to get a place again this year, I put myself forward for it.

“It will be a personal challenge for me, but also will raise money for Trinity, which of course, is a cause close to my heart.

“The money will help Trinity continue to provide care for people across the Fylde coast, which is a on-going cost.”

Dr Salt has started her training regime, which involves a half-hour gym circuit before work and distance running three times a week – she will build the distance up as time goes on.

She said: “People were right when they said it takes over your life! It does! At the moment, I am just building the miles and going to the gym before work, because it’s on the way and easier than going after a full day at work.

“I have noticed health benefits already, I feel fitter and I’m sleeping better.

“But it is going to be a real challenge for me.” Dr Salt says knowing people have sponsored her to complete the 26.2 miles will help to motivate her to cross the finish line.

“It’s such a privilege for me to work here.

“If people are supporting me and are donating their money to sponsor me, knowing that will really help me – as well as actually benefiting the hospice.

“It really won’t be easy for me, but knowing that and thinking about the patients will help me to keep focused and complete the marathon.”