Human remains bid in wreck dive

The Fleetwood trawler Evelyn Rose went down in 1954
The Fleetwood trawler Evelyn Rose went down in 1954
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HUMAN remains could be brought ashore from a Fleetwood trawler which sank 58 years ago.

The Evelyn Rose went down in 1954 with the loss of 12 of her 14 crew when she struck rocks at Ardtornish point in the Sound of Mull.

Kari Anderson, granddaughter of the skipper William Dawson, believes the full story of the tragedy has still to be told.

She hopes to organise a dive on the wreck this summer and, among other things, is considering recovering human remains.

Mrs Anderson, who owns Il Cappricio restaurant in Kirkham, said: “There could be remains down there.

“Other divers who have dived on numerous wrecks have said that on occasion it can happen where, depending on the depth of the ship and the tides and what the current is like and the salt content, there can be remains.

“But if someone came forward and said it was their relatives involved and they didn’t want remains bringing back we would have to give due consideration to that.”

If remains could be found she would like to use DNA to confirm the identity and have them buried with her grandmother Jesse.

But the primary aim of the dive would be to bring back the ship’s telegraph or bell and to look at where the vessel was damaged.

She says the trawler has never been designated as an official grave but she would need an exhumation order from the Home Office.

Rev George Ayoma, Superintendent at the Fishermen’s Mission in Fleetwood, said: “I would not deter Mrs Anderson.

“In a situation where bodies are not recovered it continues to prey on the minds of people so I think this is very common this should happen.

“I think we must pray and hope she receives some good news.”

Mrs Anderson hopes to recruit the help of a diver who explored the wreck five years ago and brought back footage of the hulk.

Evelyn Rose lies 130 metres below the surface, making it a very deep dive.

Another researcher into the Evelyn Rose is Dick Barton, fron Thornton Gate, Cleveleys whose father – also called Dick – died on the ship.

He said that only two men were likely to remain on the ship – his father and Mrs Anderson’s grandfather.

He said: “I have an open mind about bringing back remains. If anything is down there, that’s their grave. I would be happy to let things lie. But if Mrs Anderson wants to bring her grandfather back, good luck to her.”

Mrs Anderson has to raise money to cover the cost of time and equipment and is using her grandmother’s fish cakes recipe to help. The dish is served at Il Cappricio and profits from the meal will be going towards the dive.