How many more must the sea take?

Anne-Marie Sagar on the lower walk at Blackpool promenade, where her son David died
Anne-Marie Sagar on the lower walk at Blackpool promenade, where her son David died
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‘HOW many more lives have to be lost?’

That was the sombre message from Anne-Marie Sagar, the heartbroken mother of tragic drowning victim David Sagar – as Blackpool’s coroner issued a strong warning about the perils of the sea.

Coroner Anne Hind today pleaded with residents and resort visitors to be aware of the power and danger of the sea.

She told the inquest into David’s death: “David was on the sea wall and he fell. He wasn’t larking about and he wasn’t behaving foolishly – he has changed his position, slipped off the sea wall and fell head first into the sea.

“He was with his two young friends, both girls. These girls acted very sensibly.

“Going into the sea after someone is terrible advice, we have had so many tragedies.

“Do not go into the sea, you cannot underestimate its power.”

Mrs Hind, who recorded a verdict of accidental death, added: “If people do see something like this the first thing to do is summon help and see if there is any equipment like life rings nearby.”

The former Bispham High School pupil, 17, of Lewtas Street, North Shore, died on March 30 when he fell off the sea wall opposite Gynn Square.

His grieving mum says she is still devastated at the loss of her “baby”.

Ms Sagar, who is hoping to raise awareness of the dangers of the sea as part of The Gazette’s Think Sea Safety campaign, said: “He was only sat on the wall, he just slipped.

“How often does someone have to be taken away before something is done? There needs to be railings there or more access points so there is more chance of people being able to save someone.

“It won’t bring David back, it’s too late for him. But I don’t want another family to go through this.

“My daughter and I are not really living at the moment, we are existing. There is a part of us missing.

“He was the man of the house. He was kind and amazing. I find it difficult that I’m not going to see him again.”

Since 1985, 22 people have lost their lives in the sea off Blackpool.