How I got into the swing of golf

Elaine Blackburn (left)
Elaine Blackburn (left)
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Golf is for everyone - and for all ages.

Knott End Golf Club member Elaine Blackburn relates how she took up the sport after retirement – and has never regretted a minute of it:

“My husband Stephen has played golf for some years and after I retired he suggested I gave it a try, mostly so I wouldn’t keep moaning at him for playing!

“He played at Knott End and they were running a ‘fox and rabbits’ competition.

“This is where the experienced player plays all the shots, until the ball is on the green, then the non-golfer takes over and putts.

“I enjoyed this and we did well on the day, so when I heard Knott End were offering six free golf lessons – equipment provided – I signed up.

“There were 12 places on offer and it worked out half men, half women, none of us knew each other before, but lasting friendships were founded at the coffee and biscuits session in the club house later.

“Our one-hour lessons took place on the practice ground at Knott End on a Sunday morning and were run by the very patient, assistant professional Chris Holt.

“After the six weeks, we were up 10 of us asked Chris if he would put together another course for us as a group and so we had another 10 group lessons.

“By this time, most of us had bought a basic set of clubs and trolley and five of the ladies used to also go to the driving range and par three course at Bispham each week to practise – and put the world to rights over coffee or lunch.

“We played all over the winter and Chris took us onto the course at Knott End for our final lessons, exciting and frightening at the same time.

“The four ladies have played with the ladies section ever since socially and in competitions on Thursday, ladies day.

“I now play in a team and get to play at other courses around the area, I enjoy meeting with other ladies and the cream tea afterwards!

“I’m keen to improve my golf, so I attend a ladies’ group lesson run by John Greenwood of Poulton.

“These are held at the driving range at Bispham on a Saturday morning, followed by coffee – can you see the pattern?

“Competitions are run at Knott End throughout the year and last year, just four years after first hitting a ball, I was thrilled to win one of the clubs major competitions, the lady captain’s prize.

“I’ve found golf is a game that can be taken up by anybody at any age without previous sporting prowess.

“Because of the handicap system people of all abilities can play together, and the game can be played at almost any time of the day, so a quick few holes before lunch or after work or school can usually be fitted in.

“I’ve met many new friends at Knott End by playing golf and also attending the many social events held throughout the year. Come and have a go, if I can do it, anyone can.”

•To find out more, visit or call Christine Woosnam, general manager on (01253) 810576.