'˜How high are they going to let it grow?

Blackpool Council's decision to only cut grass in priority areas of the resort '“ following huge budget cutbacks '“ has caused an outcry.

Wednesday, 15th June 2016, 6:00 am
Updated Thursday, 25th August 2016, 6:47 pm

The authority made clear it could only continue to maintain the high profile areas such as the Prom and Stanley Park earlier this year.

As a result many grass verges and parks around the resort have been left to grow – aided by a warm and damp start to the summer.

The swift growth in the early summer months has been noticeable.

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Here’s what you think:

Can’t the local prisons provide people to cut the grass – surely it beats sitting in a cell all day. This is what the Florida community councils use. Why not use the resources – Kirkham Open Prison would be ideal.

Laura Mrs-romance Myers

I understand that there is less money due to budget cuts but by not tending to the grass they are causing Blackpool to look dirty and even more in need of repair than it is. Are people going to want to come here when the whole place looks like a jungle?

Mike Bennett

Also councils stop coming up with hair-raising idiotic, pointless schemes like knocking down one hotel to build a small car park (see next to Blackpool North)! Ideas: Community Payback Scheme, Richer Wards Share Funds around, Local Neighbour hood getting together (not that they should have to do that!)

Ben Constable

Longer grass means fewer people picking up dog mess, and more litter being left in it.

It’s only a matter of time before a child gets injured on discarded glass, which means compensation claims!

Steve Mcme

What are we paying council tax for then? Our streets and alleys need tidying! Peering into my back alley now, I see fly tipping and over grown weeds!

Anthony Bryan

It’s a disgrace and is only going to get worse. 
On Highfield Road only the grass in front of the council housing at Aisgarth has been cut, the rest of the home owners and council tax payers will hardly be able to see out of their windows soon.

Jo Millett

It’s disgusting that the grass isn’t cut.

I’ve noticed a lot more road kill which is upsetting.

If my dog ventures into to the long grass how am I meant to find the poo to pick up? And where are the kids meant to play?

Della Jayne Lithgow

In all seriousness it’s not going to be healthy for asthma sufferers - if we had a period of dry weather and the grass dried out fully surely it would be a fire risk?

Phill Anderson

Why on earth does anyone want to see grass cut?

It’s brilliant for biodiversity... insects, bees, bird life etc.

Greg Smith

Spend the money on car parks and white elephant council office units but can’t pay a worker to cut the grass.

Mark Miles

Get some of these lazy people on Jobseekers to cut the grass instead – they’re in pubs drinking all day.

Kay Whittle

The place is a mess how high are they going to let it grow?

Goldie Simon

Please will you ask Blackpool Council for some key facts on management structure and wages, publish the findings, and I think you will find why the grass is not being cut.

Andrew Dodds

Stand up to the government and refuse to put the cuts into action!

Get Cameron here to see the actual effect these cuts cause!

Madeliene Cason

Once we vote out we can use the money we no longer need to send to the EU towards stuff like this.

Paul Oldham

Get people on JSA to help cut the grass.

Yvonne Ellis

Why not save the money paid to Lawrence Llewelyn Bowen for his services to the Illuminations that nobody cares about and use that to cut the grass!

Dave Simon

Community service. Benefit claimants easy!

Danielle Atherton

Get some horses in there, free lawn mower!

Roanna Lloyd

Take your own initiative and do it yourselves. Don’t whine take charge

Key Lime

Read more: http://www.blackpoolgazette.co.uk/news/environment/pain-in-the-grass-residents-say-enough-is-enough-cut-our-grass-1-7962418#ixzz4BYdIfUV8