House wrecked in storms

Building on Braithwaite Street in Blackpool which front collapsed in the bad weather
Building on Braithwaite Street in Blackpool which front collapsed in the bad weather
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Gale force high winds left their mark across the region as the remnants of Hurricane Gonzalo struck the Fylde coast.

As gusts topped the 60mph mark, homes and properties were buffeted by the remainder of the huge storm which struck Bermuda in the Caribbean last week.

One homeowner in Braithwaite Avenue, North Shore, had a lucky escape after a gable wall collapsed – wrecking his kitchen and damaging a white Vauxhall Vectra outside the home.

Neighbours said the outer wall fell around 3am on Wednesday, with rubble and brickwork strewn across the street.

Richard Mulkahy, 23, said the property had been damaged by previous storms.

He added: “The building was affected by storms 12 months ago. The end of the property where the roof was had been blown off and now it has finally gone.

“Somebody could easily have been killed.”

Roy Nicholls, owner of The Cavendish Hotel in nearby Pleasant Street, said: “Guests at the front of the hotel heard the collapse in the night.

“The building was damaged in the strong storms last December and it has never been sorted out.”

Police cordoned the street off to stop traffic using the route, with some neighbours evacuated from the property.

A spokesman for Blackpool Council said: “We have had an officer out overnight to try to sort the problem to make it safe.

“It will be up to the landlord to deal with it further. No-one was injured.”

Elsewhere, Kirkham Baths was closed after it felt the wrath of Hurricane Gonzalo.

YMCA bosses took the decision to close the pool’s doors after the aftermath of the Hurricane damaged the building’s roof and made it unsafe for visitors and staff.

The baths are expected to be closed for the rest of the week after the perspex dome on the roof was ripped away during the high winds on Tuesday.

In Lytham, a tree collapsed in Green Drive, blocking a route popular with dog walkers.

Other trees fell in Lowther Gardens and Witch Wood.

The weather for the rest of the week is supposed to be wet and overcast, with wind speeds dropping.