Hotelier makes waves with his unusual three-wheeler

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DEL Boy would be proud of this little head turner.

Shaun Atkinson, owner of the Bond Hotel in South Shore, has splashed out on a new set of wheels to cruise the Fylde coast in style.

And who would have thought this sporty little number was actually a Reliant Robin under its speed boat shell?

The yellow car was unearthed after being hidden away in a garage in Cleveleys for 20 years.

Mr Atkinson, who bought the eye-catching 1963 vehicle last week, said: “I don’t like the sea, I don’t like water so this is the next best thing!

“It’s one of three Reliant Robins that were adapted in 1963. I believe they were made in a back street garage in Blackpool. One was sold on the internet last year, I bought this one last week and no-one knows where the other one is.

“We got some new brakes and sparks for it and it passed its MoT.

“I was really pleased.

“It’s old, it hasn’t got power steering and you plod along at 15mph. I managed to get it up to 70mph on the motorway the other day but it frightened the living daylights out of me!

“It’s so unusual. Thousands of people are stopping me to take photos.”

The hotel boss, who also runs the Bond Hotel in St Annes, bought the three-wheeled speed boat to help him promote a new charity he is setting up to give disabled people holidays.

Mr Atkinson added: “We provide disabled holidays at our hotels. It’s very important, we all need a break. We are totally committed to it.

“Funding is being cut everywhere so we have decided to try and do it ourselves. We’ve set up a charity called blitz to raise money for people with disabilities to go on holiday.

“The speed boat is a form of advertising for us. We’ll tour different exhibitions across the country to let people know what we’re doing. People come and look at the car and we get their attention.”