Horse ‘races’ on Prom spark police alerts

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Shocked motorists called police after seeing horses racing on the wrong side of the road along Blackpool Promenade.

Video footage shows a horse and cart speeding into oncoming traffic in Bispham on Sunday – only to swerve out of the way of a car at the last minute.

A video clip shows a horse and cart racing into oncoming traffic on the Promenade.

A video clip shows a horse and cart racing into oncoming traffic on the Promenade.

During the 28-second clip, seen by The Gazette, seven horses – some apparently being driven by children – are filmed travelling south along the Promenade.

Lancashire Police confirmed they received four complaints about the incident, while The Gazette has since been contacted by several more concerned residents.

The incident has been linked to the recent arrival of a number of traveller camps around the resort.

Some of those were attending the horse fair in Poulton which saw around 200 caravans park up on Garstang Road.

But Lancashire Police today said the fair passed “largely without incident”.

Another camp was recently set up on Collingwood Avenue, at the junction with Caunce Street. It is not clear if this was connected to the fair in Poulton.

Staff at Savoy Timber, on Talbot Road, said a group of travellers previously parked up on private land outside the store and only moved on when police were called.

A member of staff, Gary Ollerton, said: “It started off with the kids – they were only six or seven – and they were coming in trying to nick stuff from the shop and hitting us with bits of wood.

“We had to shut the gates and send customers round the back of the building. The police blocked the road off so they couldn’t get out.”

Police confirmed the travellers were moved on last Sunday and staff reported there have been no incidents since.

One concerned resident, who asked not to be named, said horse driven carts had been spotted along Talbot Road in a separate incident on Thursday night.

She said: “At 11pm, there were children of around 12 years old, driving a horse and cart up the main road, jeering at the people passing, along with their parents in their own horse and cart, with police just watching in a riot van.

Police said they had been pleased with how the horse fair was organised and said most of the 25 calls they received about it were just informing them of the travellers’ arrival.

A Lancashire Police spokesman said: “We worked very closely with the event organisers and local authority partners to plan for what was, on the whole, a very well organised weekend with more than 200 caravans attending.

“While there were some minor issues with road disruption these were kept to a minimum and the event passed off largely without incident.”