Horror as mother’s throat cut

Mum-of- five Abbey Veasey
Mum-of- five Abbey Veasey
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A TRAUMATISED woman today re-lived the terrifying moment a maniac attacked her with a kitchen knife.

Blackpool mother-of-five Abbey Veasey said: “It was horrific – I thought I was going to die.”

Martin Brown

Martin Brown

The 42-year-old spoke exclusively to The Gazette after her attacker – father-of-two Martin Brown – was jailed for life.

Brown, 45, pulled a knife from under a pillow while the pair were in bed together at his Cleveleys home and plunged it into her neck.

Miss Veasey, who was working as an escort at the time, bravely managed to wrestle free from Brown and snatch the knife from him.

She ran out into the street screaming, naked and with blood pouring from a six-inch wound to her neck.

“I was a mess,” Miss Veasey said, “I knocked on his neighbour’s door, shouting for help.

“I probably looked like a loony – holding a knife with no clothes on and blood everywhere.

“It was terrifying – I thought I was going to die.”

Miss Veasey, who lives in central Blackpool, still has no idea why Brown attacked her at his flat in Rear St George’s Lane.

She had been hired by Brown four times prior to the attack, which happened just before 9.30pm on July 18 last year.

Miss Veasey added: “When I got to the flat there wasn’t a bad word said between us. He wasn’t the talking type.

“He gave me £140. We were in the bedroom, and the next thing I knew he had a knife at my throat. He was holding it in both hands.

“I had to force him off me which ended up in a struggle. I tried to take the knife away from him, somehow I managed to get him off the bed and onto the floor. I snatched the knife and just ran.

Miss Veasey was rushed to Blackpool Victoria Hospital with a 12 to 15cm wound to her neck. The knife narrowly missed a main artery and she needed 37 internal and external stitches.

Preston Crown Court heard Brown rang the emergency services after the attack and told the operator: “I have just tried to kill someone. I have tried to slit her throat”.

He later told police the knife had been kept under his pillow for two years. He had been burgled twice and was worried about other people trying to get into his flat.

Brown, a self-employed electrical engineer, initially claimed Miss Veasey had panicked and become injured in a struggle.

He later pleaded guilty to attempted murder.

A psychiatric report described Brown as having abnormal personality traits and a narcissistic personality.

Defence barrister Chris Hudson said the break-up of his marriage was a key factor in the attack.

He told the court he had been left devastated when his wife said she wanted to end their marriage.

The father-of-two became alcohol dependent, isolated and alone.

Mr Hudson said: “This was not a planned attack, but a spontaneous attack, a one off.

“He denies any sado sexual element. There was no personal animosity, on the part of the defendant, against her.”

Brown was sentenced to life imprisonment with a minimum term of 10 years.

Mr Justice Ryder said: “I have no doubt you intended to kill. The victim relives the experience every day.

“The scar on her neck remains – it must be a daily reminder to her of the attack. She says she is a prisoner in her own home.

“You are dangerous and pose a serious risk of harm to others.

“Your dangerousness is reflected in the life sentence.”

Miss Veasey, who is no longer working for the escort agency, said she was “relieved” by the sentence.

She said: “It’s been very harrowing.

“It’s something I won’t ever be able to put behind me, I can’t forget about it, it’s just there constantly.

“It was terrifying. I can’t have any knives in the house anymore, not even a butter knife – it brings it all back.”

Det Insp Martin Clague, of Lancashire Police, said: “This was an horrendous attack.

“What Miss Veasey went through could have resulted in her death. Quite clearly he (Brown) is a dangerous person and a risk to the public.

“The sentence reflects these concerns.”