Horror accident sparks safety calls

Tony Nicholson says the bus stop at the junction of Lord Street and Mount Street should be moved further down
Tony Nicholson says the bus stop at the junction of Lord Street and Mount Street should be moved further down
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An appeal has been made to change the site of a bus stop which councillors claim is in a dangerous place.

The call for highway bosses to look at the position of the stop near to the junction of Lord Street and Mount Street, in Fleetwood, follow an accident where a woman was trapped under a van.

Many people say the stop, outside the William Hill bookmakers, should be moved because the lack of space on the road, when buses stop, is causing drivers to veer onto the wrong side of the road, just where pedestrians cross because of a dropped kerb.

Coun Terry Rogers, leader of Fleetwood Town Council, fears there is “another accident waiting to happen” and hopes the bus stop can be re-sited.

To make things worse, right-turning traffic which comes onto Lord Street from Mount Street is also heading straight into the path of people trying to cross – creating a potentially deadly risk just where the accident happened. Residents say an extra crossing would also help.

Coun Rogers said: “ While we cannot say this was the exact cause of the accident two weeks ago, it raises a genuine concern.

“People say it’s another accident waiting to happen.

“I have been in touch with shopkeepers, councillors and engineers at Wyre Council, and the engineers will make representations to the highways department at Lancashire County Council, and Blackpool Transport, about possibly re-siting the bus stop.”

Taxi driver Tony Nicholson, 50, raised the issue with Coun Rogers.

Mr Nicholson, a taxi driver for 25 years, said: “I live on Mount Street, and I see this situation every time a vehicle turns right and there happens to be a bus there – sometimes two buses.

“It is dangerous because cars are ending up where they shouldn’t be and it creates all sorts of potential problems.

“It creates real issues with people trying to cross the road. They just don’t expect to face traffic coming at them from out of Mount Street, on the wrong side of the road.

“If the bus stop is moved, it would get rid of a problem.”

There are currently two crossings on Lord Street, but they are at either end of the town centre – one near the Iceland store and the other near Fisherman’s Walk – and there is nothing in between.

The woman injured by the van on March 18 was released from Royal Preston Hospital last weekend.

Sim Lane-Dixon, Lancashire County Council highways manager, said: “This is a very busy area, and the narrow road width along with the presence of trams, buses and pedestrians tends to encourage drivers to be cautious.

“We have not been made aware of a safety issue as a result of vehicles pulling out to pass buses waiting at the stop.

“Moving the bus stop into an existing parking bay would result in a loss of parking spaces, and is something we would need to formally consult upon if a proposal was put forward by Wyre Council and supported by the county council.”