Honour for lad who saved choking man

Air Cadet Harry Rogers, 13, from Staining
Air Cadet Harry Rogers, 13, from Staining
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A teenage boy who saved a stranger as he choked in a sandwich shop is set to be honoured by the Princess Royal for his efforts.

Harry Rogers, 13, has been nominated by St John Ambulance to be celebrated in a royal ceremony with Princess Anne at St James’s Palace, London, on April 29.

The youngster was with friends in the Subway shop on Garstang Road, Poulton, when he saw an elderly man start to choke while eating.

He said: “I could see this man kind of clutching his throat and I could see there was something wrong.

“I went over and he wasn’t making a noise, just gasping.

“I leaned him forward and gave him back slaps until the food came out.”

The teen had only learned first aid a few weeks before the incident, which happened in early October last year, as a new member of Poulton’s Air Cadets squadron, through which he has now been nominated for the honour.

The modest Year Nine pupil, at Baines High School, Poulton, said afterwards he simply checked the man was OK and then went back to his own meal.

He added: “He just said thank you and I went and sat back down.

“My friends looked at me a bit puzzled, I said ‘I just saved someone’.

“I don’t think I’m a hero, I was just happy to help.”

His proud mum Julie, of Whitemoss Avenue in Staining, didn’t learn of her son’s heroic efforts until days later as the teen didn’t rush to tell others.

And she said they were delighted but surprised when bosses from his air cadets group put him forward for the honour.

She added: “He just came out with it that he stopped someone from choking, he didn’t come in making a big thing of it.

“I don’t think he realised the enormity of it.

“I think it’s really sweet that he saw someone struggling and knew he should do something and wasn’t frightened to do.

“It must have been fresh in his mind from air cadets and instinct for him.

“We’re very proud of him and can’t quite believe he’s had this invite.”

Harry will travel to London at the end of this month with other nominees.

His air cadets commanding officer Tony Domenico said: “One of the first things we do with new recruits is their first aid training.

“We’re very proud of Harry, he’s a good lad.”