Honour for Jack after five decades

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A Blackpool political activist has been honoured after he clocked up 50 years as a member of the Labour Party.

But dedication to the cause has come at a price for Jack Croysdill – for the chairman of the Blackpool North and Cleveleys Labour Party is awaiting a knee operation after years of doorstep canvassing.

However, his pain was eased when he was recently presented with a long service merit award by the party.

Jack, of Queens Promenade, Bispham, who is a former hotelier, joined the Labour party in 1963 and over the years has met prime ministers including Harold Wilson and Tony Blair.

He said: “I have met a lot of really nice genuine people in the Labour party, who really care about the community.

“Our values and principles are historically just the same now as they were when I joined.

“I have seen leaders come and go. I met Harold Wilson in Preston, and I have met Tony Blair, who won a lot of hearts with his charisma.

“I think Ed Miliband is a very frank person and people don’t always like frankness. He was voted in as party leader and I don’t think he has done anything wrong.

“However, leaders come and go, and it is the policies that stay. A lot of people don’t see local government as important, and yet this is where the decisions are made about how money is spent on local services. Yet when there are only council elections being held, turnout is not as high as at a General Election.

“I was very pleased to receive the award in recognition of my long service, but I have no intention of retiring.

“I love politics. The only thing is I am waiting for an injection in my knee – I think I have worn it out from all the canvassing I have done over the years!”

Roy Lewis, a member of Blackpool North and Cleveleys Labour Party, was among colleagues who paid tribute to Jack.

He said; “It is with great pleasure and pride for the Blackpool Labour Party, that Jack has been recognised for his work, from which so many people in the town have benefitted.”

Jack served for four years from 1994 as Lancashire County councillor for Bispham and Ingthorpe.