Homes bid invites anger

Garstang Road East, Poulton (Google Images)
Garstang Road East, Poulton (Google Images)
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New housing plans have come under fire from community leaders who claim locals have not had enough chance to voice their concerns.

Poulton councillors say invites to a public consultation meeting about the homes on Garstang Road East did not get sent to them or Wyre Council, and those who did get a leaflet complained the literature was confusing.

Coun Peter Gibson, Breck ward councillor for the authority, says the current infrastructure of the town would not be able to cope with 500 new houses proposed by Persimmon Homes and Jones Homes.

He said: “They didn’t invite local councillors, we only got to know because they handed some leaflets out.

“The leaflet was poorly put together, was confusing, and it wasn’t clear whether it was on two days or how many houses were planned.

“They are talking in the region of 500 houses on the land, and for that sort of development you have got to look at the infrastructure.

“We keep hearing all the schools are full in Poulton, and you can’t carry on with this if you haven’t improved the infrastructure.”

Coun Gibson lives close enough to the land to warrant receiving a leaflet, but he claims one was not posted through his letterbox, and he was not the only one.

He added: “I live just round the corner from the development and I never got a leaflet, and Lesley Middleton (chairman of Poulton and Carleton Residents’ Association), didn’t get a leaflet, so I’m concerned this hasn’t been done correctly.

“It’s going to affect the whole of Poulton, and to have a consultation that I suspect very few people went to is not the way to go about it.”

Andy Pepper, planning and strategic manager for Persimmon, said: “The event, held at Fylde Cricket Club, on June 26, enabled us to record people’s opinions and discuss any concerns face-to-face.

“We sent out invitation leaflets and letters to 1,000 
local households and also met with councillors prior to opening the consultation exhibition to the public, to give them a thorough briefing on the plans.

“We will now collate all of the responses and, where possible, incorporate the public’s contributions into our proposals for submission to the local authority.”

The development will include ponds and hedgerows throughout.