Home owner woken by carpet fire

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A house owner woke in the middle of the night to put out an open fire which had set his carpet alight.

Crews from South Shore and Blackpool were sent out to the incident at around 2.30am this morning (Saturday, April 22).

But when they arrived at the Kingsway home in South Shore, Blackpool, they found a man had already managed to extinguish the fire after the sound of his smoke alarm had woken him up.

A spokesman from South Shore fire station said: "He had been having an open fire on a grid and when he had gone to sleep a piece had fallen off and set fire to the carpet.

"When we arrived at the property the man had already managed to put out the fire after a fire alarm had gone off and woken him up.

"This is a perfect example of why smoke alarms are so essential. We weren't needed on this occasion but without a smoke alarm it could have been much worse."