Home bid anger

Janie Swinnerton, Cllr Louis Rigby, Bernhard Rudd and Richard Swinnerton.
Janie Swinnerton, Cllr Louis Rigby, Bernhard Rudd and Richard Swinnerton.
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RESIDENTS have been left furious after a new housing development was given the go-ahead on land close to their homes.

Locals claim the seven-home scheme by Penmarric builders on land off Freckleton’s Goe Lane is “substandard” and dangerous – raising fears about road safety, a loss of privacy and light.

Fylde Council’s planning committee – which turned plans down four months ago – said they had no grounds to refuse the revised application, but insisted it can only go ahead with strict conditions to protect residents.

Bernard Rudd, of neighbouring Lytham Road, is one of a group of residents incensed at the council’s decision.

He said: “We’ve been let down by the council. The access will be very dangerous, some of us have garages at the back of our homes and already have problems getting out.

“And the amenities to these houses are ridiculous, they overlook bungalows and it’s substandard in our view.”

All seven of the homes will be affordable, and will be accessed using Goe Lane and the back road behind the Lytham Road homes, both of which are unadopted and outside the applicant’s control.

Freckleton councillor Louis Rigby added: “I’m very concerned about the highways aspect of it, the road into it is very narrow and they certainly don’t own parts of it. It will make life difficult for people.”

But the development management committee’s chairman, Coun Ben Aitken, said: “It has been approved subject to two important conditions.

“The first is that the road from Lytham Road right up to the houses has to be a good standard.

“The second one is that it has to go to social housing.

“We’ve done everything we could to ensure local residents will be looked after.”

No-one from Penmarric was available for comment.