Hollywood star films on resort ride

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A Hollywood superstar is set to take to Blackpool’s most famous ride for a new television advertisement.

Kevin Bacon will brave The Big One for the advert for mobile phone network EE.

The advert, which airs from today and is designed to promote the network’s streaming of World Cup matches, sees Bacon in a carriage as it slowly travels to the ride’s peak.

A boy in the same carriage asks Bacon if he’s nervous.

The actor then confuses his young companion with a convoluted explanation of why he’s “not really” nervous peppered with football references, prompting a

second question from the boy: “What are you on?”

Bacon then reveals he is in fact referring to an upcoming football match streaming on his phone and replies: “4G from EE.

“So I can watch England’s games in more places than ever – like here.”