Hold-up fears for 999 crews

Residents in Heron Way claim on-street parking is hindering emergency services
Residents in Heron Way claim on-street parking is hindering emergency services
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RESIDENTS fear emergency vehicles will be blocked from entering their street if hospital staff continue to park there.

Only 540 spaces are available for 3,000 staff at Blackpool Victoria Hospital, forcing many of the staff to look elsewhere to park their car.

But residents on Heron Way in Blackpool have had enough of their road being used as an overflow car park.

They have met with police and Blackpool Council to try and find a solution to the problem.

Brian Coope, of Heron Way, runs a neighbourhood watch group for the area said: “In the morning when we are trying to get out and cars completely block the exit.

“The main problem is for the emergency services. With so many people parking on the street it could delay them getting in by four or five minutes.

“We have suggested residents-only parking to the council and passes for us, but that’s as far we have got.

“The hospital seems reluctant to come and look at the problem.”

Mr Coope’s wife Karen added: “The parking is becoming a real nuisance. I think the hospital should look at sorting something out. It’s horrendous and I don’t know who the hospital talks to.

“They don’t talk to residents and the problem is just thrust upon us.”

The residents thought they had solved the problem four months ago when the council painted yellow lines along one side of the street, but their concerns have not disappeared.

Heron Way resident Marjorie Whittaker added: “What makes it awkward is they are parking on corners and I do worry about fire engines being able to get down.”

Hospital bosses have issued an e-mail to staff asking them to be considerate when parking in someone’s street.

But Mr Coope says this is not enough.

He added: “This e-mail does not reach the masses.

“They need to be caught on the morning and told it isn’t right.”

Sandra Rudd, car parking and security manager at Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, added: “We do have staff who park off site and they are constantly reminded to park in a responsible and considerate manner.

“We have received very few complaints in recent years and continue to work closely with the local council and the neighbourhood police to resolve any parking issues or concerns.”

Blackpool Council officials said they had done all they can and are leaving it up to the hospital to come up with a solution.

A town hall spokeswoman said: “We would expect the hospital to work with their staff to encourage them to be considerate neighbours and to advise of other methods of transport such as cycling or car sharing.

“As a council there’s only so much we can do in terms of introducing parking restrictions in residential areas.”