High rise death plunge

Charles Court on Queens Town, Layton
Charles Court on Queens Town, Layton
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A SHOCKED high rise resident today relived the terrible moment she saw a woman plunge to her death.

Mary Cole, who lives on the second floor of the Charles Court tower block in Layton, thought a bin bag had blown past her window.

Tragically what she saw was a 52-year-old woman falling 160ft to her death.

The incident happened just after 10pm on Tuesday.

Investigations have now begun to trace relatives of the dead woman who was today named locally as Karen.

Police say her injuries are “consistent with a fall” and there are no suspicious circumstances.

But the death has sent shockwaves through the close-knit community.

Mrs Cole, 74, said: “I’m very shocked and upset to hear anybody could do this.

“I was in the sitting room and saw a large object fly past. I thought it was a bin bag and somebody had thrown it out of their window instead of putting it down the chute.

“I saw all the police and a body on the ground which had been covered with a sheet.

“I just felt sick, it’s awful so near Christmas.”

Officers believe the body may have fallen from the 15th floor, the same floor from where 29-year-old Italian Roberto Pau fell 160ft to his death in September last year.

Neighbour Andrea Allenden, 41, said: “This is horrible news.

“I came outside and saw the body lay on the floor and police were taping off the area.

“It’s unbelievable another person has jumped from the same floor.

“I have four young children and it’s really upsetting for everybody.”

Michael Taylor, 58, said: “It’s awful another person has jumped. I was sat right across from where the other man jumped last year.

“It is right they are trying to knock these flats down so people can’t do this. It is very sad.”

Gwen King, from The Queens Park Residents’ Association, said: “Residents will be very sad to hear this has happened.

“It does make you wonder why somebody would choose to do this.”