Heroic student took on raging banned pitbull

Jamie Cutler, 14, rescued three dogs being savaged by a pit bull in Wesham.
Jamie Cutler, 14, rescued three dogs being savaged by a pit bull in Wesham.
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A brave schoolboy has been praised for saving the lives of three dogs which were being savaged by a stray pit bull.

Jamie Cutler, 14, was walking through Wesham when he came across a woman screaming that her three dogs were under attack.

The vicious canine had one of her dogs – a golden retriever – by the throat, and another had large wounds caused by the terrier.

Not thinking of his own safety, Jamie, of Ceder Crescent, Kirkham, took control.

He said: “In a split second I grabbed hold of it and told the woman to get into the house.

“I wasn’t really thinking of myself to be honest.”

Police say the dog was a banned breed and has been destroyed.

The innocent dogs went to the vets for emergency treatment after last month’s attack and have fully recovered.

Jamie’s mum, Julie, said: “He’s such a shining example of the community spirit that so many young people have and the whole family are so proud of him.”

Phillip Grice, headteacher at Saint Bede’s Catholic High School where Jamie is a pupil, added: “I am very impressed by Jamie’s brave and selfless act. Few adults would ever step into a situation like that.”


Hero Jamie praised by police officer

Jamie Cutler’s heroic efforts to rescue three dogs during a savage attack by a pit bull have been praised by police.

PSCO Angela Slater said: “Sometimes people are very quick to criticise the youth of today, I feel that Jamie is a shining example and he was very courageous and brave.

“He didn’t think of himself for one minute, he could have been seriously injured by the dangerous pit bull but luckily he wasn’t.

“He saved the lives of two dogs by grabbing the dog, enabling the lady to get to safety in a nearby garden.”

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