Hero really making waves with charity

Rick Clement on his jetski
Rick Clement on his jetski
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War hero Rick Clement is making waves helping other injured veterans onto the water.

Sgt Clement lost both his legs in a Taliban bomb blast while with the Duke of Lancaster’s Regiment in Afghanistan.

But far from letting his horrific injuries hold him back, the soldier, who lives in Marton, has thrown himself fully into a new challenge 
with charity A Soldier’s Journey.

The organisation is dedicated to helping injured soldiers and their families through a wide range of activities.

And Rick, 36, this week posted exciting footage online of one of the activities he’s helping others enjoy.

The double amputee, who took his first steps on prosthetic legs 18 months ago, was filmed zooming around a lake on a jetski, a pastime he’s keen to help others experience.

“I’ve been doing it for about two year’s now and it’s great fun,” said Rick.

“Once you’re on the jetski there’s no problems, you just need to have use of both arms and that’s it.

“A little help might be needed getting on and off but once you are you’ve the freedom to go where you want on the water.

“It’s good fun. It’s kind of like having the thrill of riding a motor bike.”

The online footage, which was posted on social network Twitter and featured Rick riding his jetski in circles, was shot at Leisure Lakes, Tarleton, near Southport.

And Rick isn’t the only one getting the chance to hit the water, with A Soldier’s Journey helping a wide range of people, including some supported by BLESMA – which helps limbles ex-servicemen – enjoy their own thrill ride.

“It’s something I’ve been doing a while and offering through the charity.

“We’ve had lots of people take part already. Through the summer we’re hoping to have at least two or three down every weekend. So far we’ve been able to accomodate everyone who is eligible to join in.”

Having spent much of last year focusing on walking again – building up to an emotional Remembrance Day at Blackpool Cenotaph – Rick is ready to dedicate more time to one of his favourite hobbies.

“I’ve been doing it around two years but last year I had to concentrate a lot on the walking. Now I’ve got more time to be out on the water.”