Hendry’s creditors getting £36,000

Colin Hendry
Colin Hendry
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CASH-strapped Colin Hendry will pay back just a fraction of his £2.2m debts.

The figure has been revealed in a letter to creditors from his trustee in bankruptcy – the person appointed to administer his finances, after the 45-year-old former footballer went bust.

A letter to the Lytham father-of-four’s creditors, trustee Louse Brittain, of accountancy firm Deloittes, states the former Blackpool FC manager will pay back £1,000 per month to the bankruptcy estate, for a period of three years – a total of £36,000.

She writes: “This is based on my assessment of Mr Hendry’s income and reasonable living expenses.”

But Mr Hendry’s former friend Hector McFarlane, also of Lytham, has been left fuming. Mr Hendry borrowed £95,000 from Mr McFarlane, who says he is likely to get back only £1,800 of that cash.

He told The Gazette: “It is an absolute disgrace. I’m flabbergasted. It appears his lifestyle has hardly changed.

“The public should be made aware of the sham which bankruptcy is – you can more or less go bankrupt and your lifestyle doesn’t change.”

Mr McFarlane claims Mr Hendry receives a sizeable pension, as well as payment for work as TV football pundit.

He currently rents a home in Lytham, after being forced to sell his £1.7m seafront home on West Beach when he went bankrupt in June.

It is believed the sale of the luxury house raised no cash after the mortgages and loans secured on it were paid.

Mr Hendry said he did not want to comment on the matter, other than to say there were inaccuracies around the figures reported.

He added: “I work in the media myself and know what the media is like. I don’t complain, I let them write their stories. I don’t want to get involved, but there are inaccuracies in some reports.”