Help needed to curb dog dirt problem

Sarah Wilson, Fylde Council's dog warden service manager
Sarah Wilson, Fylde Council's dog warden service manager
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Residents across Fylde are being asked to keep their eyes open in its zero tolerance approach to dog-dirt.

Council bosses warn that £50 Fixed Penalty tickets will be given to all owners who fail to clear up after their pet – but ask for public help in identifying hot-spots.

Dog wardens have been assigned to the grassed area off Carr Lane in Kirkham after a series of complaints from members of the public.

Sarah Wilson, Fylde Council’s dog warden service manager, said: “The number of complaints about dog-dirt rises every winter as, we assume, people think they won’t be seen in the dark.

“We changed our wardens’ working hours last year so they also work in the hours of darkness. We give out £50 tickets whenever people offend: they don’t like it but they have to think of others.”

Citizens can report fouling by calling 01253 65658 or emailing