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Hazel Tyler who has ME and is setting up a website and promoting use of the Perrin Technique to help treat people with ME.
Hazel Tyler who has ME and is setting up a website and promoting use of the Perrin Technique to help treat people with ME.
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HAZEL Tyler just wants one thing. To get better.

The 23-year-old, from St Annes, has suffered from ME since her teens, but now thinks she may have found a treatment to help.

And she not only wants to spread the word about her discovery, she also wants to help others with the condition by offering advice and raising funds.

Her first project is to raise enough funds for her treatment for a year.

And even just organising setting up her own website takes all the energy she has.

She has good days and bad days, but says she is determined to try to raise awareness of ME, The Perrin Technique and try to help other sufferers.

“I was diagnosed 18 months ago, but it’s more by a process of elimination after many tests of things they can rule out.

“I think I had the condition in my teens as I used to suffer from exhaustion, but it was sort of put down to me being a teenager.

“When I was 19 it got really bad. I just couldn’t move, my body had completely frozen.

“It was just so awful. One of the things they suspected when doing the tests was possible ovarian cancer and with being so young, I was terrified.

“It’s so frustrating, because I am so young. I used to have an active social life and work full-time.

“Now some days, I can’t get out the house. Luckily my friends are very understanding and I work at a social club, who are also very patient.

“I want to stress – because a lot of people don’t understand ME – it is not a mental condition. It is physical.

“I have days where I am worse than others and I have to try to save my energy and not do too much, as I know I will spend the next day in bed.

“Depression is a side effect of ME, but is not a cause. A person with ME really wants to get out of bed, they just physically can’t.

“I think it does make you become tougher because you are constantly in pain and it’s literally like your body is frozen up.”

Hazel is hoping treatment at Ansdell House Clinic, on Church Road, will solve the problem. The centre is one of only a few which offers treatment using the Perrin Technique.

The theory behind the treatment is it helps to kickstart the lymphatic system – which in people with ME, according to Perrin, has become congested. It uses a combination of massage and osteopathy to help drain toxins from the body and get the lympathic system flowing again. Those having treatment must also do set exercises at home in addition.

Hazel said: “My sister has very kindly said she will pay for some of my treatment, but can’t afford to pay for it all.

“So I am looking to start fundraising so I can have treatment for a year. I also want to raise awareness about the treatment among other sufferers and raise money to help others benefit from it too.

“I am setting up a website to offer information for other local sufferers, and will be including my contact details, so people can talk to me. Sometimes it helps to speak to someone who knows what it’s like and understands.”

Anyone who would like to help Hazel or would like her advice, can email