Help keep charity on road

Blackpool Food Partnership is appealing for cash to help it buy a new van.
Blackpool Food Partnership is appealing for cash to help it buy a new van.
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A charity which helps some of Blackpool’s most vulnerable residents is appealing for help to keep it on the road.

Blackpool Food Partnership, which delivers donated food to hostels and soup kitchens across the resort, needs to raise £5,000 towards a new van.

Nikki Hart, who manages the Food Partnership, said: “The current van is on its last legs and it won’t get through another MOT. It breaks down frequently and delays vital deliveries.

“A new van is needed urgently and we have been told we could get a second hand one for £5,000.

“The van works hard delivering food parcels for Blackpool people who desperately need them.

“It takes the food parcels to key distribution points where they are given out to people in need. Help is needed to put a new van on the road and get the food parcels to the people who need them.

“People go hungry in Blackpool for many reasons beyond their control, such as the loss of a job, illness, coming out of hospital, bereavement, getting a job and waiting for first pay packet, delays in receiving tax credits and benefits, or relationship breakdown.

“Food poverty and hunger affects all ages from children to the elderly.”

The Food Partnership, which is based in Bispham, has links with 16 agencies in the town that link up to tackle food poverty, as well as with supermarkets including Sainsbury’s which donate out of date food which might otherwise go to landfill sites.

Nikki added: “Our work help reduces food waste and the carbon footprint of food companies like Sainsbury’s who donate frozen bread on its sell-by date.

“We receive bulk items of food that would otherwise have gone into landfill.

“We can redistribute it to hostels, children’s centres and community centres.”

Anyone who would like to help the appeal to replace the van can donate online via Blackpool Food Partnership facebook, via or go to

It is hoped to raise as much money as possible through donations, and then appeal to local businesses to contribute match funding towards the full cost.