Heater fault sparks restaurant fire

Fire damage at Gusto
Fire damage at Gusto
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A heater fault caused a minor fire at a new Lytham restaurant

The incident happened at the new Gusto restaurant which is due to open in Dicconson Terrace on Thursday.

Firefighters from Lytham were called to the premises at around 1pm today.

On arrival they found the fire was already out but carried out a safety check at the site.

A fire service spokesman said two electrically operated umbrella canopies were destroyed in the fire and a number of tables and chairs were damaged

There was also smoke damage to the building frontage.

No customers were on the premises at the time and staff were able to extinguish the fire themselves.

The damage is believed to be superficial and will not impact on the venue’s planned opening this week.

A spokesman for the restaurant said the damage was ‘superficial’ and limited to the exterior of the building.

He said; “A technical fault with a heat lamp on our outside terrace caused a small fire.

“Staff were able to extinguish this with fire extinguishers. Other than a damaged umbrella and some superficial smoke damage on the terrace there were no other issues.

“All staff acted brilliantly, following their fire training to the letter and evacuated the premises.

“No customers were on site at the time and the restaurant will be open as planned.”