Tristan is a little medical marvel

Tristan Hall and mum Barbara in his new sensory room.
Tristan Hall and mum Barbara in his new sensory room.
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IT will be a very special birthday celebration for this little boy in a few weeks’ time.

And medical marvel Tristan Hall has just reached another milestone – the four-year-old, from South Shore, is now out of baby clothes and finally wearing outfits for aged two to three year-olds.

Brave Tristan has Edwards’ syndrome, a condition which means most babies do not survive past their first birthday.

Doctors had prepared his proud mum Barbara for the worst, but so far the youngster has defied medical experts and is now enjoying his new sensory room at home, which is helping his development.

The condition affects his heart, digestive tract and causes delays in growth and development – Tristan, at nearly five, is very small for his age.

He suffers frequent chest and urine infections and faces a constant battle to remain healthy.

Tristan’s family have to be extra careful, especially when they are ill, as he is so susceptible to bugs.

But he has slowly built up strength and grown and got stronger – he now weighs 1st 4lbs.

Mum Barbara, 38, said: “He just continues to amaze me, and the doctors and everybody else.

“He really is a medical marvel.

“The doctors are so pleased with him and how well he is doing.

“We were always prepared for the worst since day one, but things have got easier as time has gone on.

“I try not to think about it too much, but we feel every day with him is a blessing.”

Doctors have to monitor Tristan and he has to have frequent scans of his heart to check for problems.

They recently discovered he has some damage to his kidneys, which they will have to keep an eye on.

Barbara said: “He’s had a bit of a growth spurt and is now able to wear clothes for two to three years, so he is finally out of baby clothes.

“And he really is a cheeky monkey.

“At the moment he likes to pull people’s hair, he knows it’s naughty and when you tell him, he just gets this cheeky smile.

“He recently got a sensory room put in at home, which he loves and it’s great for his development.

“He enjoyed Christmas, he was spoiled as usual with lots of presents, and although he can’t talk, he knows there’s something exciting going on and he loves it.”

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