Tribunal for health centre parking case

Barry Stoll, who has been told he must pay his parking fine.
Barry Stoll, who has been told he must pay his parking fine.
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A MAN who received a parking ticket while taking his partner to an emergency hospital appointment is taking his case to a tribunal.

Barry Stoll was forced to park in a side street due to a lack of available parking at the Whitegate Drive Health Centre, when his partner Lynn Johnson was suffering with severe breathing difficulties.

However when he returned to his vehicle, which was parked in Cumberland Avenue, he found he had been issued with a £35 fine due to parking in a residents only bay.

Despite Mr Stoll offering medical evidence and a doctor’s note to Blackpool Council, he has been told he must pay the fine, which has now doubled to £70.

The fine is set to increase further to £135 should he continue to refuse to pay it by mid-March.

Barry, 45, from Marton, told the Gazette: “I’m frustrated and angry, and my partner feels the same.

“She was struggling to breathe so to not be able to get parking was ridiculous.

“It’s a complete and utter disgrace that there’s inadequate parking facilities.

“They’re not making the correct parking spaces available for the community they serve.”

Lynn recovered after being put on a nebuliser, a machine which allows the correct medicine to be inhaled, after getting into the centre.

However, she says she is still traumatised by the experience and the ensuing fight to get the fine overturned.

Lynn, 57, said: “I couldn’t breathe and I couldn’t walk. I couldn’t really be upright, I needed to get to a nebuliser as soon as possible.

“I explained the situation to the council.

“You’d think if I got a doctor’s letter to them then they’d say fair enough, but they’re not going to budge.”

Barry has taken his fight to have the fine expunged to the Traffic Penalty Tribunal, based in Manchester.

He said: “It’s an ongoing problem but I’m not going to give up.”

Coun Fred Jackson, cabinet member for streets and transport, said: “We have previously issued Mr Stoll a penalty charge notice, after our officers came across a vehicle which had been parked in a residents parking bay on Cumberland Avenue.

“We understand that he is upset about the charge and is challenging the fine. We now await the final decision of the independent adjudicator.”

Despite repeated calls to NHS Blackpool, no one was able to comment on the parking situation at Whitegate Drive health centre.

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