Treatment policies to be changed

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All eight health commissioners across Lancashire are set to bring several policies into line to end disparity.

A four-week consultation has been launched, including in Blackpool, Fylde and Wyre, and six draft policies have been drawn up around treatment for Carpel Tunnel syndrome, tonsillectomy, the surgical release of trigger finger, endoscopic knee procedures, and male circumcision.

A policy is also being drawn up on insulin pumps and glucose monitoring devices for the first time – doctors previously decided to fund them case-by-case.

Tonsillectomies may now only be carried out when there are seven documented cases of ‘sore throat’ in the previous 12 months, five a year for two years running, or three for three consecutive years, it is understood.

They will be given to those under-16 with sleep apnea, while those over-16 will be referred to a specialist first.

There will be no need for four months’ of physiotherapy before surgery will be offered for trigger finger.

Treatment for ‘locked knee’ has been introduced, but treatment of symptomatic plica syndrome will be axed because it is no longer considered effective.

Male circumcision will now also be offered in cases of severe injury, malignant lesions, and abnormalities.