Tooth op plea man says Vic won’t operate

Photo: David Hurst'Haemophiliac, Patrick Bedell of Hardhorn Road, Poulton, who has been refused dental treatment at Blackpool Victoria Hospital
Photo: David Hurst'Haemophiliac, Patrick Bedell of Hardhorn Road, Poulton, who has been refused dental treatment at Blackpool Victoria Hospital
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A man who suffers from a rare blood disorder claims he cannot get local treatment for a simple procedure.

Patrick Bedell was diagnosed with haemophilia in 1989, meaning his blood doesn’t clot as it should leaving him at risk of losing large amounts of blood from just a small cut.

He desperately needs two teeth removing, and was scheduled to have dental surgery at Blackpool Victoria Hospital last Friday, but doctors cancelled the procedure with just two days’ notice. The hospital says it’s because the surgery should be carried out at Manchester Royal Infirmary, which is a specialist centre for haematology.

It comes despite promises by The Vic that more work will be done to help patients with haemophilia in emergency situations following a bad 
experience Mr Bedell, of Hardhorn Road, Poulton, had there in 2012. And it means he must wait to have the painful teeth 

“I’m devastated and I am absolutely furious,” he told The Gazette.“I was referred from Manchester two months ago for a simple dental extraction but I feel like the doctors there just don’t have the courage to do it.

“I have been promised by The Vic that it will always be safe for me to be treated there, but it seems like they still don’t want to.”

In 2012, health chiefs at The Vic were forced to apologise to Mr Bedell for making him wait to access a clotting agent called Factor VIII as nurses in the Emergency Department weren’t experienced in administering it.

They assured him in a letter, seen by The Gazette, that steps had been taken to ensure staff were more competent in dealing with haemophilia 
patients in the future and had recruited a new staff member who had experience in haematology who had taken the lead on competency of staff within the department.

The letter states: “Following the investigation into your complaint, it is clear that a clinical pathway is 
required for the quick and safe treatment of patients with 

Mr Bedell, 44, said he first started experiencing pain in his teeth in November. He said his dentist referred him to Manchester, because of his condition, and doctors in Manchester said the procedure could be carried out at a more local hospital.

Mr Bedell, a personal injury solicitor, said: “I am in pain and was looking forward to an end to it. Now I have to wait for goodness knows how long again.”

Mr Bedell has to have an injection of Factor VIII when there is a risk of him bleeding.

Doctors have given him his own stock of the treatment because of his trouble accessing it locally.

A spokesman for Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust said: “We placed Mr Bedell on the list for April 11, but that listing was subject to approval from clinicians. On review, it was decided that it was not in his clinical best interest to be treated here. We have made arrangements for him to be seen at a special unit in Manchester.”