Time for a dry month

Coun Eddie Collett
Coun Eddie Collett
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Blackpool residents have been urged to bin the booze for a month as part of the national Dry January drive.

The campaign, led by Alcohol Concern, encourages people to think carefully about the amount they drink and consider taking a month off alcohol after the boozy Christmas holidays.

Coun Eddie Collett, Blackpool Council’s cabinet member for health and wellbeing, said: “Alcohol-related admissions cause a massive strain at Blackpool Victoria Hospital, which takes away valuable resources from other frontline services.

“In financial terms, for Blackpool it is costing over £9m per year, so Dry January will raise awareness and can help people re-evaluate their drinking levels in the long-term.

“There is no need to sign up to expensive, celebrity endorsed, detox programmes when giving your body a break from alcohol for a month will, reduce calorie intake, improve, general health and will save you money.”

It is estimated that around seven per cent of drinkers are drinking at higher risk levels (consuming more than 50 units of alcohol per week for males, and more than 35 units of alcohol per week for females)

In 2012/13, there were more than 3000 alcohol-related inpatient admissions and more than 100 people from died from alcohol-related causes in Blackpool.

You can sign up to Dry January at www.dryjanuary.org.uk