"They saved my life and I will be eternally grateful" - Blackpool breast cancer patients defend NHS heroes

"They saved my life and I will be eternally grateful" - Blackpool breast cancer patients defend NHS heroes
"They saved my life and I will be eternally grateful" - Blackpool breast cancer patients defend NHS heroes
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Gazette readers issue ‘hands off’ warning and are left baffled after treatment of sufferers in Blackpool was branded ‘appallingly bad’ in an official report.

That was the unequivocal message from our readers after the treatment of breast cancer patients in Blackpool was branded “appallingly bad”.

It came after health chiefs missed targets due to the consultant leaving their post.Figures from the Blackpool Clinical Commissioning Group’s mid-year performance report show only 25 per cent of patients referred from their GP with breast cancer symptoms were seen within the required time of two weeks.

The rate falls well below the target of 93 per cent.

The report, covering April to September this year, said the waiting times had deteriorated “largely due to consultant radiographer capacity.”

But when we published the story, patients who had been treated at Blackpool Victoria Hospital leapt to their defence and said their experiences don’t tally with the group’s findings.

Here’s your comments.

I have nothing but praise for the breast care team, nurses, surgeon, oncology. I couldn’t have wished for better treatment and eight years on, I’m still here and still receiving great aftercare and monitoring.

They saved my life and I will be eternally grateful

Paula Renshaw

I was diagnosed this year and could not have had better, more compassionate or considerate, care anywhere else. Blackpool staff are superb - thank you to each and every one of them

Alison Bott

It’s five years since I was diagnosed on December 12. I can only talk about my experience. I was treat wonderfully from beginning and all through my treatment .

Even now I feel that I still have back up if I need it

Julie Cuddy

I have had and continue to have fantastic care and treatment from the Breast Cancer team at the Vic.

From diagnosis to treatment was very quick and they have dealt with all the hurdles ever since.

I can’t fault them and certainly would challenge anyone saying that the service is poor.

Chrissie Mason

I had no delays in treatment at all. Such a shame women are having to deal with delays now...shouldn’t be happening - it’s vital diagnosis and treatment are started as soon as possible

Mel Ribchester

It’s six years since I was diagnosed, I was in the group that were called back after the work of a radiologist was recheck.

I have to say even though it was a hard time I have nothing but respect for the nurses on the unit

Susan McCaffery

I was treated with respect and they couldn’t do enough for me.

It was a long three months and a couple of samples taken but glad to say I was cancer free

Alison Wharton

I was treated with the upmost respect and professionalism at all times. I cannot speak highly enough of all the staff and medical professionals.

Craig Cooke

It’s a brilliant service. My appointment was within two weeks but I was abroad, they rearranged it super quick, and all follow ups arranged quickly too.

Sarah Brown