'There was no time for anything else other than ‘calling the midwife’ - Nurses on their breaks deliver baby in Blackpool Victoria Hospital car park

Chloe and Dalton Cunliffe with baby Eliana Ibrahim and mum April
Chloe and Dalton Cunliffe with baby Eliana Ibrahim and mum April
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Nursing staff on their breaks rallied round to deliver a baby in a car park at Blackpool Victoria Hospital.

Student nurse Chloe Doherty was settling down for a coffee with colleague Dalton Cunliffe when they heard cries for help coming from a car which had screeched to a halt just outside.

Sasha Ronson

Sasha Ronson

They ran outdoors to find expectant mum April Ibrahim about to give birth on the back seat of the car, with her husband anxiously searching for assistance.

While Chloe tended to and reassured April, Dalton called over to staff nurse Sasha Ronson and colleague Alix Green, who were just passing through the main doors.

Sasha (pictured inset), a staff nurse in the A&E department, dashed over to find the baby’s head already appearing so although a midwife and a wheelchair from the women’s unit just a few hundred yards had been called for, there was no time to get April there before 7lb 4oz baby arrived.

“There was no time for anything else other than ‘calling the midwife’, and catching the baby, who was born in the car park of the hospital,” said Sasha, 27, from Fleetwood.

“I have delivered a few babies on A&E but those have been in emergency circumstances.

“This was very straightforward by comparison – it just had to be done quickly because baby was so eager to emerge.

“She gave a good healthy cry and we wheeled her and mum into the maternity unit.

”It was lovely to have such a happy ending and mum and baby are doing well.”

Chloe said: “It was a great team effort. Between us we cut off the lady’s leggings and seconds later a beautiful baby girl entered the world.

“We were in the right place at the right time and what an absolutely amazing experience to be a part of.

“When we got to meet the beautiful little girl later, I couldn’t take the grin off my face.”