‘Stay safe’ call as paramedics brace for surge

Paramedics are bracing themselves for a busy night
Paramedics are bracing themselves for a busy night
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Ambulance chiefs are calling for people to be extra cautious when enjoying Bonfire Night tomorrow.

Their urge for increased safety measures came as paramedics brace themselves for a surge in calls for burns, scolds, and injuries caused by explosions.

Last year, 999 calls were up almost six per cent compared to the week before.

Consultant paramedic Dan Smith said: “In the past few years, we’ve attended patients with minor burns right through to those who have life-threatening injuries as a result of firework displays.

“Even sparklers can cause serious burns as they can reach temperatures of up to 1000 degrees centigrade, so please always wear gloves and hold them at a safe distance away from you and others around you.

“Make sure you watch over children and, if possible, we would always recommend you go to a professionally-organised public display to avoid the risk of harm.”

The North West Ambulance Service (NWAS) also issued advice to be heeded in the event of a firework or bonfire accident.

Those unfortunate to find themselves on fire should drop to the floor and roll, keeping their eyes and mouth closed, while those who see somebody engulfed in flames should order them to ‘stop, drop, and roll’.

Then, call 999 for life-threatening or serious injuries, or 111 for minor injuries.

Use cold water, ideally running, on burnt skin but do not remove any burnt clothing stuck to the skin.

Do not use creams or oils on injuries either, the service added. Visit saferfireworks.com for more.