Spider bite “worse than childbirth”

Jean Stirzaker of Greenhalgh who is recovering after being bitten by a spider three weeks ago.
Jean Stirzaker of Greenhalgh who is recovering after being bitten by a spider three weeks ago.
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A SPIDER bite victim has described the pain she suffered as being “worse than childbirth”.

Jean Stirziker received the nasty shock when she put on her gardening glove, which the spider was hiding inside.

Mrs Stirziker, who celebrated her 69th birthday on Sunday, had to undergo treatment on her hand at Blackpool Victoria Hospital as a result of the bite.

However the culprit, which she described as beige in colour, scuttled off scot-free.

Mrs Stirziker, of Medlar Lane, Greenhalgh, said: “I was in excruciating pain, it was horrendous.

“I screamed because with it being trapped in my glove it kept biting.

“I was in so much pain I really wanted to rip the skin off the back of my hand.”

Mrs Stirziker says she is not an arachnophobic despite the incident, which happened three weeks ago.

She is now recovering after being treated with antihistamine spray at the Vic.

And husband Henry, 68, says as well as the physical pain his wife suffered, getting people to believe the freak occurrence had taken place was also a painful experience.

He said: “When you tell people about it you sound a bit funny like you’ve been on the beer. People were disbelieving me, they think you’re winding them up.”

A spokeswoman for Blackpool Zoo, which houses a number of tarantulas, said: “All spiders contain a certain amount of toxins because that’s how they kill their prey. It would be because they lady was allergic that she would have an extreme reaction.”


> There are more than 700 species of spider which are native to the United Kingdom.

> Just 12 of these are known to be venomous, and are largely found in the South of England.

> There are no recorded fatalities as a result of bites from native species of spiders in this country.

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