Opticians’ fears over children’s eye health

Woodhouse Opticians staff
Woodhouse Opticians staff
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A Blackpool opticians is urging parents to limit their child’s use of mobile phones and tablets as there is a national increase in children developing ‘dry eye’.

The condition, which affects the tears being produced in the eye, is more commonly associated with older people as a sign of ageing, but according to eye care specialists Spectrum Thea, optometrists across the country are seeing more young children displaying symptoms.

Abigail Ward, dispensing optician at Woodhouse opticians on Whitegate Drive, said: “When we stare and concentrate, be it playing a game, or reading an email for example, our blink rate vastly reduces. Couple this with air conditioning or central heating and our eyes can get dry and irritated.

“Children can’t always explain their symptoms very well, and may be blinking more or rubbing their eyes. There could be a number of reasons for this, most likely an allergy or an infection for example, so your optician should be your first port of call to determine the exact cause and appropriate treatment.”

Abigail said smart phones and other devices emit a blue-violet light, which can be as harmful to eyes as ultra-violet (UV) light.

“We therefore always recommend special spectacle lenses which now block UV and reduce Blue Violet light exposure significantly,” she added.

She said eyes could be protected with a healthy diet, vitamins and regular check ups at the opticians.