Operation on hold as Kai’s brother faces tumour test

Kai (centre) with dad Brian Roberts and brother Codie Hodgkinson.
Kai (centre) with dad Brian Roberts and brother Codie Hodgkinson.
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A specialist operation to help five-year-old Kai Hodgkinson walk unaided has been put on hold while his family care for his older brother.

Kai was due to have an assessment last week – the first step towards his long-awaited selective dorsal rhizotomy surgery to help him walk.

But in a dreadful twist of fate, his family has been told that his big brother Codie, 11, has a tumour growing inside his thigh bone.

The news left his family with no option but to cancel Kai’s assessment and operation for the time being.

The family are due to find out the results of Codie’s biopsies later this week.

The community of Fleetwood has rallied to raise £43,000 to pay for Kai’s operation, and the family had waited months to find out if he had been successful in a bid to have the operation done in Leeds.

Dad Brian Roberts, speaking from the family’s Poulton home, said: “Cancelling Kai’s assessment was such a difficult decision to make.

“We’ve waiting so long for it. But we thought long and hard about it, and we are comfortable with our decision.

“Kai needs his operation badly, but it’s not life threatening.

“Codie needs his treatment now.

“We have phoned the consultant in Leeds and explained the situation.

“They were fine about it, and he’ll be put on the monthly list and when we are ready, we can go ahead with it.”

Mr Roberts said, despite Codie’s condition, the family is still hoping for the best.

He added: “Codie is on crutches at the moment, and he has to be so careful because his bone is very weak.

“We have seen five doctors, who have basically said it’s likely to be cancer, but one doctor said there was a slight chance that it’s an infection, so we are all holding on to that hope.

“Even if it is benign, Codie will still have to have his thigh bone and knee removed, it’s pretty harsh.”