Mum’s hope for answers into death

Mum Jodie Freeman with tragic Kayla Hayes (also below) and (bottom) with Jodie's tattoo tribute.
Mum Jodie Freeman with tragic Kayla Hayes (also below) and (bottom) with Jodie's tattoo tribute.
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A grieving mum today spoke of her hope for answers over the death of her 12-week-old daughter.

Little Kayla Hayes was born with Down’s Syndrome on December 29, but after routine tests she was allowed to go home.

Tragic Kayla Hayes

Tragic Kayla Hayes

Just 12 weeks later the youngster died from internal bleeding after an artery in her heart burst.

Now Jodie, 18, of Loftos Avenue, South Shore, is hoping to find answers about her daughter’s heart condition from staff at Blackpool Victoria Hospital, where her daughter was born.

She has already been for a meeting at Blenheim House Lodge – where Kayla would have been supported by health professionals –which is part of Blackpool Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and offers help for children who have physical or learning needs.

The trust says clinicians will meet with Jodie soon to answer any questions she put to them about her daughter’s death during the first meeting.

Jodie Freeman's tattoo of her daughter's hand print.

Jodie Freeman's tattoo of her daughter's hand print.

Jodie said she is “glad” she will be given answers.

She said: “While I was pregnant I went for tests at St Mary’s Hospital in Manchester to see if Kayla had a hole in the heart and I was told they couldn’t find one and everything looked OK.

“However, I was told Kayla would have extra check-ups when she was born to see if she had developed any heart problems.

“The morning Kayla died I knew something was wrong.

“I got up to feed her and she seemed really agitated.

“I tried to give her a bottle but she started to turn blue in the face and become floppy.

“I ran to my mum for help and we called an ambulance.

“The doctors tried to help her but it was too late.

“Since Kayla has died I have been told she actually had two holes in her heart.”

The meeting between Jodie and staff at Blenheim House Lodge, on Newton Drive, Blackpool, was held around a fortnight ago.

Jodie added: “I’ve been for a meeting and they have said they are going to look into what happened to Kayla.

“I am glad as Kayla deserved more.”

The mum-of-one said she was so happy she got to spend 12 “wonderful” weeks with her baby girl, who is missed “so much” by all her family members.

Jodie added: “Kayla was a really beautiful baby.

“From the moment she arrived she changed my life for the better.

“Her death has affected my whole family, we miss her so much.

“I have lots of pictures of Kayla that I like to look at.”

A spokesman for Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust said: “The trust would like to offer its sincere condolences to the family of Kayla Hayes.

“We have met with Kayla’s mother, Jodie, to discus Kayla’s treatment and will be meeting with her again over the coming weeks.”

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