Life expectancy is worst in Blackpool

Blackpool has the lowest life expectancy in the country.
Blackpool has the lowest life expectancy in the country.
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A town hall boss today said urgent “lifestyle changes” were needed after new figures revealed the scale of the health challenge facing Blackpool.

It came as the town was named as having the lowest life expectancy in the country for men.

Boys born from 2010 to 2012 in Blackpool can on average now expect to live until they are 74 – compared to the national average life expectancy of 79.

But that is an increase from last year, when the average male life expectancy for the resort was 73.

For girls born in Blackpool, average life expectancy is 80, compared to 82.8 nationally, according to the figures from the Office for National Statistics.

Coun Sarah Riding, Blackpool Council’s cabinet member for health, said: “The figures show life expectancy for men in Blackpool is amongst the worst in England, however, this doesn’t have to be the case.

“By making small and easily achievable lifestyle changes every man in Blackpool has the opportunity to make a real difference to his health and wellbeing.

“There are several key factors that impact on life expectancy in Blackpool and there is a clear link between these and deprivation.

“Blackpool has been hit hard and we understand that for those trapped in a spiral of debt and depression it can be very difficult to have any motivation for a change in lifestyle.

“We are working very hard to ensure the advice, guidance and support is there for men across Blackpool.”

Figures show gap between best and worst

Over the past 30 years life expectancy nationally at birth for boys and girls has increased by four hours per day for females and six hours per day for males.

Between 2010 and 2012, male life expectancy at birth was highest in east Dorset (82.9 years) and lowest in Blackpool (74).

On average, life expectancy at birth increased across all local areas in England and Wales by 1.3 years for males and one year for females between 2006-08 and 2010-12, the most recent figures show.

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