‘Just one last time in the place that I love’ - Woman who has just months to live is hoping for ‘a last hurrah’ in her beloved Blackpool

Tracey Halliday is desperate to make a final trip to Blackpool
Tracey Halliday is desperate to make a final trip to Blackpool
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A woman who has just months to live is hoping for “one last hurrah” in Blackpool.

Tracey Halliday is desperate to make a final trip to the resort, after falling in love with Blackpool following her cancer diagnosis in 2015.

Tracey Halliday and, right. with husband Willy

Tracey Halliday and, right. with husband Willy

The 41-year-old started visiting with her husband Willie after being told she had womb cancer.

She told The Gazette how Blackpool has become a special place for the pair of them.

“When anybody says Blackpool I just smile right away,” she said.

“It’s one of the best places ever. Whenever we went down we never wanted to come home again.”

Now the 41-year-old from Perth, Scotland, wants to come back one last time after she found out that her cancer, which had come back despite a full hysterectomy, has spread.

Tracey, who has now come off her cancer treatment, told of her struggles since February 2015, when she was first diagnosed at the age of 37.

“It was high grade so I had a full hysterectomy and went on to have chemotherapy and radiotherapy,” she said.

“I was never able to have any children because I had to have a hysterectomy so there was no choice.

“Willie and I decided to get married while I was going through treatment.

“It’s been so difficult because it was always at the back of my mind no matter what.

“Then it was Christmas a few years ago in 2017 that I started getting symptoms again. They could control it but they couldn’t stop it.

“Just three weeks ago now my oncologist sat me down and said ‘your cancer has spread to your lower bowel and you only have a number of months left’.”

Now Tracey has halted all her treatment and wants to travel back down to Blackpool with her husband to make sure her remaining memories are happy ones.

She said: “We only started going after I had the cancer diagnosis. Back then I thought things were going to be quite short and I just wanted to get away.

“In Scotland people love Blackpool.

“The first time we went we stayed at the North Pier at a pub called The Gynn and I never new such a friendly pub. Everybody was just so brilliant.

“It was so friendly, they spoke to you like they knew you.

“I’m calling it my final hurrah. It’s a place I want to remember. It holds so many memories and for my husband when I’m not here I know it’s going to hold so many of the best memories for him as well.

“My aunt and cousins were absolutely devastated when they heard about my cancer.

“It’s not been the best year for the family at all. I’ve only got my mum who is in a care home.

“It’s really hard – I have to keep thinking that once I pass I’m going to meet that all the family and friends I’ve lost and that I’m going to a better place.”

Tracey’s friend set her up a GoFundMe account where well-wishers can donate. She hopes that the money will allow her to go to Madame Tussauds,

Sea Life and many of the other popular attractions in Blackpool.

Visit www.gofundme.com/last-holiday-for-tracey
Tracey has plenty on her to-do list when she comes to Blackpool one last time.

Her top places to go are:

• Madame Tussauds

• SeaLife Centre

• Tower Ballroom

• Blackpool Zoo

• Sandcastle

• Model village

• The piers

• Winter Gardens

• Amusements

• Grand Theatre