‘I now tell my brothers to quit smoking’

Jim Kelly, who stopped smoking 15 years ago.
Jim Kelly, who stopped smoking 15 years ago.
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Former smoker Jim Kelly admits he used to enjoy 20 roll-up cigarettes a day, but he was forced to quit after developing a serious lung condition.

Jim, 72, suffered a fall 15 years ago which broke his ribs. He came down with pneumonia which was quickly followed by a diagnoses with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

He said: “Even after 15 years of not smoking I could still kill for a cigarette, but unfortunately if I do then that could kill me my doctors have said.”

One of the biggest causes of COPD is smoking, and across the Fylde coast, 1,332 people have stopped smoking within four weeks of seeking help from stop smoking services.

Because of his COPD Jim, of Bispham, is a regular inpatient at Blackpool Victoria Hospital.

He said: “Thank goodness none of my children smoke. I am forever telling my brothers who smoke that it is no good for you and to quit.

“I wouldn’t wish COPD on anyone. It has a massive impact on your quality of life so I would urge anyone thinking about quitting to do so, and better still not to start in the first place.”

Blackpool Stop Smoking Service co-ordinator, Carol Bramhall, said: “You are much more likely to quit with help and support from the stop smoking services.

“The services in Blackpool, Fylde and Wyre offer a range of different options to help you quit.

“One to one appointments, walk in clinics and group sessions are just some of the options available to you, along with telephone and text support, so we would urge you to come along and access our services.”

To access Blackpool Stop Smoking Service call (01253) 651570. For services in Fylde and Wyre call (01524) 845145.

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