“I’m crowdfunding to help with rare health conditions”

Vicky Nash, with partner David Robinson, is hoping to beat her health problems.
Vicky Nash, with partner David Robinson, is hoping to beat her health problems.

A woman struggling with a series of debilitating health problems which have ruined her quality of life has thanked those who have helped after she launched a fund-raising campaign to try and get treatment.

Vicky Nash, 30, of Quayside, Fleetwood, was finally diagnosed with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome in 2015 after years of struggling with her health.

This rare condition causes faulty collagen in the body affecting joints, ligaments, internal organs, skin, eyes and nervous system.

And it has subsequently led to a series of other problems, including a physiological illness, agoraphobia and a potentially fatal heart condition.

She has hardly left the house in years and because she is unable to take in solid food, and she now weighs just 6st 1lb.

But Vicky, who is looked after by her partner and carer, David Robinson, has not given up and has decided to launch a fund-raising campaign in a desperate bid not just to live a normal life but to stay alive.

She is hoping to raise £10,000 which would pay for adapted transport and specialised medical help which says she is currently unable to get. The campaign was launched via GoFundMe and has so far raised almost £2,200.

Vicky, who has also launched an online help group for others with similar issues, said: “Since I launched the campaign I have been helped by Fleetwood and Cleveleys Lions, who are kindly donating £150.

“And a furniture store in Blackpool, Onit, has given me a recliner because the one I have I worn and gives me a lot of discomfort. People have been very kind.”

Vicky says she is having to resort to private treatment and money raised so far will fund a gastrostomy procedure to help her get vital nutrition and steady her heart rate.

For more details visit https://www.gofundme.com/vickys-fight-for-life