Hospital reveals plan to tackle ongoing ‘issue’

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A number of people continue to smoke on the site of Blackpool Victoria Hospital – despite the premises being completely nonsmoking.

The problem was highlighted at a recent board meeting, with smoking a particularly problem close to the main entrance.

Hospital chief executive Wendy Swift said smoking was still an ‘issue’.

Plans to address it include trained volunteers going on ‘smoke-free walkabouts’, cards being printed to give to the public, and information about the smoking shelter being posted near to the Cardiac Centre.

Hospital trust chairman Ian Johnson pointed out the ‘demographic issues in the area’, documents revealed.

Though work has been done to lower Blackpool’s smoking rates, they continue to be some of the highest in the country.

Dr Nick Harper, deputy medical director, ‘pointed out the need to be mindful of being compassionate to patients and relatives during times of bad news’.