Family’s thanks to hospital unit

Blackpool Victoria Hospital /  VIEW
Blackpool Victoria Hospital / VIEW
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The parents of a baby who died just one hour after being born have given a donation as thanks for the care they received in Blackpool.

Chris and Louise Pickford, of Cheadle Hulme, Stockport, were told to visit the Emergency Department at Blackpool Victoria Hospital when Louise started feeling unwell while on an Easter break in the resort.

She was five and a half months into her pregnancy

Louise, 38, was sent to the Delivery Unit where her baby boy, Noah, was born. He survived for an hour before passing peacefully.

Louise said: “I felt unwell on Friday evening, but had absolutely no idea I was in labour.

“We decided we’d go home early on the Saturday morning, but phoned our local hospital as a precaution and were advised to go to the nearest A&E Department.

“When we arrived in the delivery suite my waters broke and Noah arrived minutes later.”

Because it was a Bank Holiday weekend, the Pickfords were unable to have Noah’s birth and death registered until the following Tuesday, so stayed in the Bereavement Suite at the hospital’s Maternity Unit.

And because of facilities available in Blackpool, they were able to take Noah to their home for 24 hours using a Cold Cot which they had loaned.

Louise added: “The Bereavement Suite became home to us for four days, and staff who we hadn’t known on the Saturday became friends.

“The time we had with Noah is incredibly precious to us, and is testament to the services and staff in Blackpool who encouraged and supported us; in a way we feel very lucky.”

In thanks for the care they received, Louise and Chris, 40, have made a £700 donation to Blue Skies Hospitals Fund, the charity behind Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

The money will be used to refurbish the Bereavement Suite.

Chris, a market intelligence manager, said: “The money has come from donations from friends and family in thanks for the care we received.”