Dying mum’s plea for her children

Sarah Colledge, 38, from Blackpool has been diagnosed with terminal cancer and is trying to raise �2,000 so that she can go to Disneyland with her two children William aged 15 and Eve aged 11
Sarah Colledge, 38, from Blackpool has been diagnosed with terminal cancer and is trying to raise �2,000 so that she can go to Disneyland with her two children William aged 15 and Eve aged 11
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An inspirational mum who has dedicated her life to helping others after being told she is dying from cancer has been dealt another devastating blow.

Sarah Colledge, who set up her own charity after being diagnosed two years ago, has revealed the disease has now appeared on her hips - the third time the aggressive type of cancer has spread or returned.

The 38-year-old, from Crestway near Blackpool Victoria Hospital, has now pleaded for help in making lasting memories for her two children as she prepares for urgent radiotherapy treatment in a bid to extend her life.

She said: “Time is quickly running out and I want each moment to be special and to be remembered.

“I love my children very, very much. They are too young to lose their mother.

“While I am here I want to take them to places and create memories for them to cherish.”

Kind-hearted strangers have already helped Sarah’s family and friends raise over £1,200, and Sarah hopes to raise enough to take her children William, 15, and Eve, 11, to Disneyland in Orlando, USA.

She said: “They’ve been promised for years they will make it there, but due to unforeseen circumstances they have never been.

“Obviously that happening would be truly amazing and a dream come true.”

Doctors haven’t been able to tell Sarah, who owned her own successful cleaning business before she became too poorly to work, where the cancer keeps coming from in her body.

It’s a problem that means the cancer will keep coming back until treatment is no longer an option.

She said: “My diagnosis will never change. It’s a cancer that likes to keep returning. It will keep coming back and it could be months or a few years.”

But despite admitting the clock is ticking, Sarah said she remains determined to keep on fighting for the sake of her children and doting partner Kenny, 40.

She said: “It’s hard to watch my family getting upset because there’s nothing I can do to stop it.

“Every time I have a diagnosis and I have to come home and tell the kids, I can see them deflating. It’s getting harder and harder.

“I don’t want to leave the kids with no mum at such a young age.”

Sarah said she knows some people will consider it ‘cheeky’ to ask for financial help, but said: “With a terminal illness hanging over our heads and having no job, fund-raising is the only way we can do something special for the children that they won’t forget.”

Sarah, who is also compiling scrapbooks she hopes to pack full of memories William and Eve can look back on in the future, first fell ill in 2012, although it took almost a year for her to get a clear diagnosis.

What doctors originally thought was a fluid-filled ovarian cyst turned out to be cancer, which has spread to other parts of her body.

Sarah underwent an 11-hour operation and several intense courses of chemotherapy after being told she would had just six months to live.

The operation initially proved successful, although the cancer returned eight months later.

Since then, Sarah has officially started the Blackpool Race For Life, completed a skydive raising money for Cancer Research, and spoken on behalf of cancer patients in the Houses of Parliament.

Her charity Positive Peers, which aims to provide support, help and friendship to people with cancer, held its first meeting at the Staining Community Centre on Chain Lane on Tuesday.

And it’s Sarah’s courageous and unbreakable spirit that has prompted so many people to donate, with messages pouring in on fundraising website Just Giving.

Fellow cancer sufferer Samantha Youde gave £20 and told her: “Sarah, you are truly an inspiration to us all living with this terrible disease. Your determination to set up Positive Peers while being in so much pain is a triumph which will live on forever.”

And John Madden, who also gave £20, said: “You’ve touched the hearts of many, Sarah. Keep on fighting. I hope you get to go to Disney.”

Others remained anonymous but donated as much as £100. To donate to Sarah, who will undergo her treatment next week with results due early next year, visit https://crowdfunding.justgiving.com/sarah-colledge