DJ nights at Blackpool gym are a Fylde coast first for fitness fans

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Sweaty fitness fans will be motivated by the latest turntable beats as a touch of London glitz comes to a resort gym.

Jack Sargent is launching club DJ nights at the venue Pics: DARRAN LEAF

Jack Sargent is launching club DJ nights at the venue Pics: DARRAN LEAF

Sargent Fitness on Blackpool Business Park in South Shore has hired a DJ for regular club nights to help their members work out in style.

DJ Callum Knight will play a mix of house and hip hop as gymgoers squat, lunge and lift to their hearts’ content on the last Thursday of each month.

And if it proves a hit, it will be rolled out every week.

Jack Sargent, who runs the gym, said the live music experience will be different to your usual ‘clubbercise’ sessions held in many gyms.

He said: “We wanted to add a different element to it and it creates a great atmosphere.

“Instead of going on a standard night out you can come here and have a night out at the gym!

“When we trialled it the members loved it. A DJ is a focal point and is better than just club music being played over the speakers.

“When you get to the end of a week the motivation to go to the gym does fall away.

“This gives people an extra incentive to work out and feel great about themselves ahead of the weekend.”

The DJ nights will be held in the new first floor room at Sargent Fitness and caters for up to 15 people at a time.

Jack added: “We have had a fantastic first year here at Sargent Fitness and we are extremely excited to be able to continue revolutionising the fitness industry across the Fylde Coast throughout 2019.”

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