Dentist suspended for 12 months after failings

Aesthetic Dental Solutions in Victoria Road West, Cleveleys (Google)
Aesthetic Dental Solutions in Victoria Road West, Cleveleys (Google)

A Cleveleys dentist has been suspended for 12 months for a series of failings.

Edgar Anthony Monteiro, from Aesthetic Dental Solutions in Victoria Road West, had a number of charges levied against him found proved at a public hearing.

They included inappropriately prescribing antibiotics, failing to take x-ray-type images of teeth, and failing to get consent from one patient for a restorative procedure.

The allegations concerned a total of 27 patients, and the misconduct spanned the period from 2010 to 2016, documents released by the General Dental Council showed.

Several other charges were found unproved, or withdrawn.

“The committee was of the view that the breaches in this case were serious, fundamental to clinical dental practice and capable of undermining public confidence in the profession,” the papers said.

“The committee was of the view that substandard care provided by Mr Monteiro occurred over a protracted period of time, approximately six years, and involved over 25 patients.

“The committee considered that prescribing antibiotics on multiple occasions when contraindicated or when not clinically indicated, was a serious departure from the standards expected.

“Further, Mr Monteiro had failed on various occasions to record the duration, strength, frequency, and the justification for prescribing antibiotics to various patients in his care.

“The committee considered that the lack of adequate records, and failing to report and act on radiographs was particularly serious.”

The panel heard from an expert during the disciplinary hearing, and said it had concluded that, ‘in the vast majority across the whole spectrum, these failings fall below the standards expected’.

The papers added: “The committee was of the view that some of the record-failures identified in this case could, in isolation, be considered as deficient professional performance.

“However, it was of the view that the vast majority of the failings were serious and consistently poor over a protected period of time and for all the patients identified.”

Mr Monteiro was said to have ‘acknowledged that generally his failings constitute impairment’, and had ‘broadly accepted’ criticisms identified by the expert.

But there was ‘no evidence’ he had ‘remedied his failings’, the committee found, concluding that ‘the failings and deficiencies are highly likely to be repeated.’

Suspending Mr Monteiro for 12 months, the committee concluded: “It is necessary in order to maintain public confidence in the profession, and in the interests of patient safety, to suspend the name of Mr Monteiro from the register.”