Councillor celebrates booze-free month

Coun Luke Taylor (right) is joined by a friend as he gives up alcohol for Dry January.
Coun Luke Taylor (right) is joined by a friend as he gives up alcohol for Dry January.
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A Blackpool councillor has successfully completed his challenge of giving up booze for a month.

Coun Luke Taylor, 25, took up the ‘Dry January’ challenge, led by Alcohol Concern, in order to cut down on his own drinking and encourage others to think about how much alcohol they consume.

The Clifton ward councillor said: “I used to think I wouldn’t be able to go a week without a drink let alone a month, however with the support from my friends and family I have made it.

“I thought towards the end of the month I would be planning a big night out, but to be honest I am not that bothered.

“I feel more confident and I am generally a lot happier and this challenge will definitely change me for the better.

“A difficult point came towards the start of the month when a friend asked if I wanted to meet for a catch up. We met in the pub and I managed to stick to lime and soda water.

“The three-week point was also difficult, as I had a busy week and really fancied a few drinks. We invited a few friends over instead and had a games night.

“None of my friends had a drink either, it was a great night and the best part was, no hangover in the morning.

“It has helped me realise that you don’t always need to have a drink to have a good time.

“Looking to the future I will use these experiences to try different things at the weekend to ‘let my hair down’ and I will also try not to drink at all during weekdays.”

In 2012/13 there were more than 3,000 alcohol-related 
inpatient admissions and more than 100 people died from 
alcohol-related causes in Blackpool.