Comfier bed for patients

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A state-of-the-art bed is set to help improve the lives of patients forced to undergo lengthy treatment in Blackpool.

The bed boasts pressure-relieving technology which it is hoped will reduce the discomfort felt by gastroenterolgy 
patients who are forced to lie still for up to eight hours at a time.

And ward bosses at Blackpool Victoria Hospital are hoping to make the adjustable bed, which allows patients to sit, or lie down, a permanent feature of the ward.

Michael Danson, 60, had a liver transplant around six weeks ago and said he can feel the benefit of the new equipment.

He said: “When you’re lying on a trolly for any length of time you start to go numb.

“You really just need that little bit of extra comfort for patients who are going to be in for a while.”

Mr Danson said before his transplant his body was retaining up to a gallon of water in his body which needed draining every two to three weeks.

The treatment would last up to eight hours.

“The treatment was brilliant,” he said.

“When I was first coming in I was totally out of breath because of the amount of water I was carrying. After being here I was able to walk around freely without carrying all that fluid around with me.

“These new beds are a lot more comfortable, and I will help as much as I can to get a permanent bed for the ward.”

The gastro unit is currently trying to raise up to £5,000 for the equipment, with staff members taking part in a sponsored walk and holding a community event next month.

Ward manager Sue Robert said: “We’re currently trialing the equipment to see if it’s acceptable for us and our patients.

“We’ve had it for a week, and already we’re being told it’s very good. It’s pressure-relieving and basically just a lot more comfortable for them.

“They’re saying they don’t feel so confined in the new bed.”

The unit staff are hoping to raise the money through the Blue Skies Hospitals Fund – the Blackpool Vic charity.

Their sponsored walk from Cleveleys to Starr Gate takes place on July 20, and a community event will be held at The Waterloo on Waterloo Road, Blackpool, on August 23.

“This is very exciting for us,” Sue added.

Mr Danson is keen to share his experience of the ward and hopes to set up a patient support group.